"The SGC is managing plantations for growers in WA, the NT and QLD. Removing the conflict of interest with Quintis is why we are getting overwhelming support from growers and the sandalwood industry. We are busy achieving better outcomes for growers." - Teague Czislowski, Chairman, SGC


The SGC is a sandalwood grower services co-operative - by growers for growers

Growers Lose More than 40% with Quintis

The financial difficulties of Quintis has revealed the opportunists who would wish to transfer value from shareholders and growers.  The Quintis Group is effectively now in the control of its creditors.  No doubt those parties will be keen to recover their investment and some arrangement is likely which would transfer value from shareholders to the creditors.  Growers must act together to prevent further loss.  

2002 Growers have lost more than 40% who is next?

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The Co-op is ready to fight for its members' interests.

Growers have a valuable asset that is worth protecting.  Unfortunately the recent experience of the TFS Sandalwood Project 2002 is a warning to all growers that the Quintis Group have not achieved the full value that growers demand from their wood.  The most recent harvest and sale of the wood from the 2002 Project was a big disappointment for all growers. 

The Co-op is ready to secure more value for all growers from the biggest to the smallest of growers.

“We have been working exceptionally hard to protect grower's rights. We are in a position to help growers with the complete range of services for their benefit.”

— TEAGUE CZISLOWSKI -Grower in 8 tfs Projects 

Ready to Act

We have a committed board including some of the largest growers with industry leading experience and we already have the support of growers who represent 1000's of hectares of sandalwood plantations.  Join with other growers now.

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