1. Forestry Management

The Co-op has identified suitable service providers for the role of Manager and is ready to act where growers agree to remove the Quintis Group from control if they are unable to act in the best interests of growers and resolve the conflicts of interest.

2. Marketing and Sales

Access to industry leading experts to ensure growers interests are well represented and free of the conflict of interest that exists with the Quintis Group.

3. Legal Compliance and Litigation Support

The Co-op can't provide legal or financial advice but we are well placed to provide legal and litigation support as required to growers. The Co-op has identified suitable service providers for legal services and the role of Responsible Entity where it is required by members of the Co-op.

4. Advocacy and Information

A strong voice for growers backed by rigorous analysis of operations affecting our plantations. Providing up to date information to assist growers to understand their position and options.